Svironi is an international workshop conductor, both online and Live


Modern clown​

by the method of Master Eric Bluet

Clown Creativity

For advanced clowns


Object theater​

discovery of wonderland

Craft and Paint theater​

No more boundaries, we will explore the principles of theater, so you will be able to mix and create everything you love to do!

Food theater​

A 5 senses journey in time and space


Master classes​

The 3D's - Direction Design Dramaturgie

The history of modern visual creative performance ​

A brief history of modern visual creative performance

Special projects

International project

The Hood - We have adapted and recreated The Hood in Romania (3 times), Singapore, Macao, Reunion-Island. This has been part of our most enriching cherished life-experiences and we are ready for more! 

Head in the clouds​

the audio materials of the show can be recorded in workshops in advance to the show, so the community is involved in the creation

Keep In Touch

I wish to thank all the great photographers for their good eye and generosity. Hope I didn’t  forget anyone. Photos credits:
Gerard Alon, Dan Ben-Ari, Itamar Shikler, Patrice Bouvier, Ilan Sharif, Yotam Izraeli, Perinne Lievens, Sali Petel, Ilan ROdoshitzky, Liya Geldman, Yossi Tzilumm, Arik Shraga, Oksana Yanovitzki, Ronen Rosenblatt, Yael Schmidt, Jorge Novominsky, Ion Creanga Theater Bucharest, reinhard winkler, Alexandre Chon, Singapor Arts Festival, Alex Schpile, daniel Cohen dinar, Iris Domany