Creator, clown, puppeteer, performer, painter

Michal Svironi
Photo: Gerard Alon

About Michal Svironi

A leading, award winning, independent theatre creator leaving in Tel-Aviv.

Her different works have been performed for the past 20 years in 20 countries around the globe (Europe, Far-east and Africa). She brings a personal, yet communicative theatric- languages, using mixed genres and self-humor.

Svironi combines the art of theater with different crafts and has mastered this research in her last show, ‘Carte Blanche’, where she combines plastic art with theater to create a unique stage language she calls “Paint-theater”.

Graduated from Ecole Jacques Lecoq, La Sorbonne, clown master Eric Bluet etc, her theatre is in constant research of innovative ways to express deep psychological process and transform them into theatrical events. Her universe is poetic and abstract, absurd and kicking. Specialized in interactivity, she is creating for indoors and outdoors. 



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