The woman who breathes too much! / האשה שנשמה יותר מדי!

objects and chocolate theater performance for adults

presented in 20 countries, 61 international festivals

This virtuous one-clown-woman show, between performance and object theatre, reveals, layer by layer our existential fears of emptiness and loneliness, with a lot of well-shaped humor and unexpected visual means.

The sHOW

“A sexy and amusing show that rolls without words, with lots of breathing, a bottle of whipped cream, a chocolate table, two sensual sculptures and tender messages about love, satisfaction, sacrifice, passion and lots of self-humor!

In a breast-shaped structure sits a woman who sculpts a love story:

“This show is telling in a very unexpected way the love story of my grand-parents” -Michal Svironi – creator

People have always had something missing. Some say since Zeus cut them in half, some call it emptiness, a hole in the soul. What is certain is that all humans are looking for ways to avoid it, to fill it up, not to feel it.  Some find their solution in religion, others in alcohol, drugs, cell phones and other screens. This woman found her solution in love, men and chocolate! 

This is a story about a hole that has no bottom, a passionate woman that is never satisfied and the destiny of the man who loves her.

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Created and performed by : Michal Svironi | Costume : Sonia Bosc | Decor : Arnaud Louski-Pane | Thanks to : Hubert gat, Festival Kikloch


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