The hood / השכונה

The biggest miniature & interactive show

BEST SHOW AWARD- Bat Yam International Festival for Street theatre 2009

The show is modular


the time of each meeting (10-15 min). The total duration is 3 hours with 30 min. break in between.


English, French, Hebrew

The Hood ‐ International project: workshop + show

Made for traveling, these miniature mobile houses can be adapted to any country and tradition. In this framework we propose 5 to 10 days workshop with local actors in which the existing repertoire will be translated and adapted to the local culture. In our workshop we will explore improvisation, clowning and object manipulation technics.

International projects were made in Reunion Iland, Singapore, Macau, Romania.

The sHOW

Watch out, here the audience has a role to play! In a small “box-house”, short sketches for men, women and children are proposed. The spectator puts his head into this curious house, discovers his new body and lets himself slide into a poetic tale…                     

Two other spectators participate and watch this “transformation” from the windows of this funny little house.  
An unexpected artistic form, a moment of happiness in the open air!

The play has been shown in France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Israel, Romania, China, Singapore, Slovenia and many others.

The Hood is inventing a new genre of theater. Inspired by miniature puppet shows, it is breaking all rules, mixing between contrasts:  IN/OUT, big/small, black&white /colorful, text/ improvisation. Most importantly it is mixing between actors/public: due to this interactivity – every meeting is a new show!

For all ages from 4 years old

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Created and performed by : Michal Svironi | Costume : Sonia Bosc | Decor : Arnaud Louski-Pane | Thanks to : Hubert gat, Festival Kikloch


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I wish to thank all the great photographers for their good eye and generosity. Hope I didn’t  forget anyone. Photos credits:
Gerard Alon, Dan Ben-Ari, Itamar Shikler, Patrice Bouvier, Ilan Sharif, Yotam Izraeli, Perinne Lievens, Sali Petel, Ilan ROdoshitzky, Liya Geldman, Yossi Tzilumm, Arik Shraga, Oksana Yanovitzki, Ronen Rosenblatt, Yael Schmidt, Jorge Novominsky, Ion Creanga Theater Bucharest, reinhard winkler, Alexandre Chon, Singapor Arts Festival, Alex Schpile, daniel Cohen dinar, Iris Domany