Head in the Clouds / הראש בעננים

the world’s largest & interactive dream stock

The show is modular

The show is modular and adaptable to different themes (like poems, story-telling) can be done in any language.


continuously 3 hours+ a break. For all ages.



 Before Covid, the event has been shown in, Croatia, Romania, Israel

The sHOW

After the international success of The hood, ‘the head in the clouds’ is innovating the genre and guarantee a magic moment for all ages. 

As a child I was always told to put my feet on the ground. Stop hanging around with your head in the clouds … make homework, listen to parents and teachers. Luckily I learned to listen to both of them. in my adult life, as a creator, dreams have become central: every show is the fulfillment of a huge dream.

Record, Listen, Customize, Take pictures, Play music, Dream…

Dream characters will guide you in this dream-land where you could enjoy 4 different interactive spaces:

  • Listen: 10 flying clouds invite the public, all ages, to listen to recorded dreams. 

  • Record: the audience is invited, to enter a miniature house and record their dreams; good dreams or nightmares; all dreams are welcome to become part of our international dream stock. 

  • Dream bed – An interactive bed is waiting for you to lay-down and become whoever you dream to be…. turning the pages, like in a book, you will become part of many stories. Take pictures from this unique moment.

  • Make music: under the globe, join the ‘raindrops orchestra’ and make the soundtrack of the show. Just by touching the multicolor drops, you will create your own dreamy music. 



A creation of Michal Svironi | Design: Michal Svironi | Co-creator, technic, digital and music: Johnny Tal | Décor: Leonid Alisov, Neta Amir, Miya Gorodin.


Keep In Touch

I wish to thank all the great photographers for their good eye and generosity. Hope I didn’t  forget anyone. Photos credits:
Gerard Alon, Dan Ben-Ari, Itamar Shikler, Patrice Bouvier, Ilan Sharif, Yotam Izraeli, Perinne Lievens, Sali Petel, Ilan ROdoshitzky, Liya Geldman, Yossi Tzilumm, Arik Shraga, Oksana Yanovitzki, Ronen Rosenblatt, Yael Schmidt, Jorge Novominsky, Ion Creanga Theater Bucharest, reinhard winkler, Alexandre Chon, Singapor Arts Festival, Alex Schpile, daniel Cohen dinar, Iris Domany