Dictator's Mom / אמא של דיקטטור


The wonderful cabaret of The Dictator's Mom

awards & nominations:

  • *Nominated in 2 categories to the Israeli Fringe Prize: Best comedienne in a one-
    woman show and Best design
  • Public’s choice in Walizka festival, Poland 2017

Dictator’s mom presented in festivals in Germany, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Israel and she
continues her journey…

The sHOW

A fascistic comedy combining puppets, clowning, stand-up, and songs, that tells the story of a mother raising her child destined to become a monster!

Inspired by the true childhood of major 20th century dictators, Michal Svironi introduces the audience to a visually enchanting world of fantasy. With great originality and humor, she manages to translate a tragic subject into satire while raising profound questions about parenting, education, and responsibility.

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Written and performed by Michal Svironi | dolls, accessories, and costume Oksana Ianovitzki, Leonid Elisov | low tech Yuval Kedem | original music and artistc collaboration: Ofir Nahari | music production and mix: Matan Biton | original songs Michal Svironi | light design johnny tal 


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I wish to thank all the great photographers for their good eye and generosity. Hope I didn’t  forget anyone. Photos credits:
Gerard Alon, Dan Ben-Ari, Itamar Shikler, Patrice Bouvier, Ilan Sharif, Yotam Izraeli, Perinne Lievens, Sali Petel, Ilan ROdoshitzky, Liya Geldman, Yossi Tzilumm, Arik Shraga, Oksana Yanovitzki, Ronen Rosenblatt, Yael Schmidt, Jorge Novominsky, Ion Creanga Theater Bucharest, reinhard winkler, Alexandre Chon, Singapor Arts Festival, Alex Schpile, daniel Cohen dinar, Iris Domany