The Man Who Breathes (Not) /האיש (שלא) נשם

Physical and Visual theatre, puppets and circus

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Mordéchaï died in 1984. Malca, his wife, chose to follow him shortly after. They were my grandparents.  I wanted to honor them by telling their story in my abstract yet concert way. »

In a drama without a conflict the show proposes a mixture between classical and new narration, a new way of looking at a tragedy, at love and death. The creation blends dance, circus and unexpected puppets in order to tell a true love story, while asking the ultimate question: Who do we really love? What is love?

The sHOW

On a tipped stage

Two figures

try to find their balance

There is a young woman who

gets old with a young man who

embraces this woman who

carries this man who

enfolds the woman who

leans on the man who

looks at this woman who

looks at this man who embraces her …

She inspires and expires

so that he inspires and expires so that she inspires and expires so that he …

suddenly, alone.

How to carry on breathing?

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A creation of Michal Svrioni | With: Alex-Sander Dos-Santos/ Maxime Mestre, Michal Svironi | Music by: Ronan Yvon | Decor design: Arnaud Louski-Pane | Costumes: Sonia Bosc


La Mairie de Paris

Le cirque d’Adrienne

MimeCentrum – productions for mime

International Mime-square festival, Aarschot

Label: eMIX

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