The Evolution of Love / האבולוציה של אהבה

Two Sirens between Sea and Sky

A performance that portrays a woman who turns into a mother and opens before us a window to a world we generally cannot enter: her womb! The audience will accompany her through the most enchanting process of all: pregnancy! 

This pregnancy however embodies three stories in the guise of one: the story of the growth of the fetus, the story of the growth of a mother and her relationship with her daughter, and naturally the story of the evolution of love. The womb of the siren is a kind of diversified enchanted space in which diverse images will appear in various techniques such as shadow theater, object and puppet theater and, of course, circus. Together these will describe the evolution of love. 

In French the word mother (mère) and the word sea (mer) are homophones and indeed they have much in common: like the sea the womb is full of liquid in which cell after cell, the baby is created.


The sHOW

Aerial circus, puppetry and shadows in a magical theater show:
The story of the evolution continues to evolve and transform itself right in front of the audience.
A Flying Mermaid, invites you to discover how the process of millions of years contracted, in to a nine monthes pregnancy in her fish stomach, and how as part of this evolution was created one of the most beautiful, extraordinary things: LOVE.
By the rhythm of the waves, we fly with this giant fish in a voyage between old myths and science, while our imagination is inspired by the moving images and original music, our hurts are touched by the tow protagonists, mother and daughter and their puppets and shadows partners. A combination of aerial acrobatics, puppet and shadow theater. The show is great for those whose head is in the clouds and feet in the sea!

How did such a long process shrink into such a short period? Where is evolution heading? What will people look like in the future? And what can we contribute to the future? What have we already contributed? 

Millions of years of evolution have created man – and what has he created? 

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A creation of Michal Svironi – Featuring: Michal Svironi and Yael Raber | Scenery, costumes and accessories: Oxana Ianovitzky and Leonid Alisov | Original music: Roy Yarkoni


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